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Prom Flowers
Post or tag your prom dress (or your date's dress) on our Facebook wall & we will give you a FREE boutineer with your purchase of a prom bouquet or wrist corsage.
See us for a wide selection of bouquets to carry, boutineers, and wrist corsages.  Here are just a few samples.  We can custom design beautiful prom flowers for you

Fun prom bouquet
Bright fun colors
Glittered Roses
Glittered pink roses with wire accents
Peacock Feathers for Hair, Wrist Corsage & Boutineer
Matching Wrist corsage, boutineer & hair piece

Cymbidium Orchid Bouquet
Cymbidium Orchid Bouquet
Blue dendrobium ordhids
Blue Dendrobium Orchids & Blue accents in a Bouquet to Carry
Dozen Red Roses to Carry
Dozen Red Roses & Misty in a Bouquet to Carry
Single Green Rose with Silver Accents
Single Green Rose with Silver Accents
Hot Pink Gerbera to Carry
Hot Pink Gerberas with Lime Green Accents
Mixed Roses Hand Tied Bouquet
Hand Tied Bouquet of Roses
Gerbera with Bronze Accents
Gerbera with Bronze Accents
arm_bouquet_6_pink_roses_bb.jpg (30099 bytes)
Bouquet to Carry of Roses and Babies Breath
arm_bouquet_mix_stargazer.jpg (16349 bytes)
Bouquet to Carry of Mixed Flowers
Purple Dendrobium Orchids
Purple Dendrobium Orchids  & Purple Jeweled Spray to Carry
Gerbera Daisies
Bouquet to carry of Gerbera Daisies, Waxflower, & Babies Breath with Bronze Accents
arm bouquet 3 lav roses bb silver.jpg (16658 bytes)
Bouquet to Carry of Lavender Roses and Babies Breath with Silver Ribbon
arm bouquet 3 spray roses bb.jpg (23866 bytes)
Bouquet to Carry of Dainty Spray Roses in mixed colors with Babies Breath
White Lilies & Purple & Irridescent Accents
White Lilies & Babies Breath with Purple & Irridescent Accents
Bouquet of Gerbera Daisies & Mixed Fillers
Bouquet of Gerbera Daisies, Purple Waxflowers, Solidago, & Babies Breath
arm bouquet purple pink mix.jpg (13645 bytes)
Bouquet to Carry of Mixed Flowers

Tussy Mussy - Dainty Bouquet in Silverplate Bouquet Holder

petite round bouquet.jpg (18765 bytes)
Dainty Bouquet in Holder of mixed pink and purple flowers
boutineers_2003a.jpg (15009 bytes)
Mixed Flower and Rose Boutineers
boutineers 2003c.jpg (16713 bytes)
Mixed Flower and Rose Boutineers
boutineers 2003b.jpg (14698 bytes)
Rose Boutineer, Rose with Waxflower and Babies Breath, & Mini Carnation and Babies Breath
bout 2002 c.jpg (9197 bytes)
Rose Boutineers and Alstromeria and Minicarnation Boutineer
Blue Dendrobium Orchid BoutineerMokara Orchid BoutineerOrchid Boutineer
Orchid Boutineers
Orange Gerbera BoutineerOrange Gerbera BoutineerGreen Carnation BoutineerPink Rose Boutineer
Gerbera Boutineers, Carnation, & Pink Rose Boutineers
bout 2002 d.jpg (11694 bytes)
Carnation and Babies Breath, White Rose and Babies Breath, Sweetheart Roses and Babies Breath, Yellow Rose and Babies Breath Boutineers
bout 2002 e.jpg (12453 bytes)
Mixed Flower Boutineers
Arm Corsage Matching Hairpiec
Arm Corsage & Matching Hairpiece of Artificial Orange Orchids & Glitter & Wire Accents
Hairpiece of Pink Wire & Beads
We can do Hair pieces to coordinate with your dress
Hair piece
Hair piece with Glittered leaves, pheasant feathers, beads & wire accents
Unique Wrist corsage & boutineer
Unique wrist corsage & matching boutineer or dendrobium orchids & midolino sticks
Blue Orchids
Blue Dendrobium Orchids in an Arm Corsage
Mixed Flowers for Arm
Mixed Blooms for Arm Corsage
Arm corsage with green spider mum & glittered accents
Green spider mum, glittered green wire, mega beads, & rhinestone accents
Flower ring of green orchids
Flower ring of artificial green orchids & silver accents
Ring of Red Spray Roses
Flower Ring
Blue Dendrobium Orchid Wrist Corsage
Blue Dendrobium Orchids in a Wrist Corsage
Artificial green orchids in a wrist corsage
Artificial green orchids & wire accents in a wrist corsage
Artificial orange orchids & blue accents in a wrist corsage
Artificial orange orchids & blue wire accents on a bead wristlet

Gerbera Wrist Corsage
Hot Pink Gerbera Wrist Corsage
Green Blooms Wrist Corsage
Green Rose & Poms, Mini Callas Green accents Wrist Corsage
wrist corsage 4 peach sh.jpg (14010 bytes)
Wrist Corsage of Peach Sweetheart Roses and Babies Breath
wrist corsage 6 minis bb.jpg (14162 bytes)
Wrist Corsage of Pastel Minicarnations and Babies Breath
Gerbera Wrist Corsage
Hot Pink Gerbera with Lime Green Accents Wrist Corsage
Orchid Wrist Corsage
Purple Orchids & Misty in a Wrist Corsage
wrist corsage 6 pink white sh.jpg (13312 bytes)
Wrist Corsage of Pink and White Sweetheart Roses and Babies Breath
wrist corsage white sh purple minis.jpg (14459 bytes)
Wrist Corsage of White Sweetheart Roses, Purple Minicarnations and Pink Heather
Mixed Flower Wrist Corsage with Bead Bracelet
Mixed Bloom Wrist Corsage on Beaded Wristlet
Pink Spray Roses & White MiniCarnations Wrist Corsage
Pin Spray Roses & White Mini Carnations Wrist Corsage
wrist corsage 4yellow sh heather.jpg (12123 bytes)
Wrist Corsage of Yellow Sweetheart Roses and Ivy on Black Wristband
wrist corsage lavender sh minicarns.jpg (14777 bytes)
Wrist corsage of Lavender Sweetheart Roses and Purple Minicarnations and Babies Breath
Red Gerbera & Waxflower Wrist Corsage
Red Gerbera & Purple Waxflower Wrist Corsage
Red Spray Roses Wrist Corsage
Red Spray Roses in a Wrist Corsage
Spray Rose Wrist Corsage
Spray Roses & Waxflower in a Wrist Corsage
Gerbera Wrist Corsage
Yellow Gerbera Wrist Corsage with Bronze Accents